Even though a lot has changed in the last two months, there are new opportunities that have come around when it comes to your online business and marketing activities. Don’t stop marketing your company just because the world has changed. Leaders are going to have to adapt and make use of all media options available to them in these trying times.

When we saw businesses starting to lose a lot of money, we decided to drastically reduce one of our premium features, so that business could continue to get their word out to their current and future customers. People are spending  more time online. The pandemic has caused governments to set curfews and social distancing rules. With that, people are spending more time home browsing the web. Small businesses have to rethink their selling strategies and reach their local audiences online.


Small businesses aren’t only operating on a small budget in many cases, but they

also might be barely getting by during the pandemic. Our podcast is the most cost-effective way to reach potential clients and promote your offerings, making it a more feasible option for smaller operations.

For small businesses to survive they need to keep their clients engaged and there is no better way than leveraging email marketing and sending personalized messages. Use this interview to inform clients about the current status of your business and provide useful tips that build trust and loyalty. When people pick products or services during a crisis, they look for evidence of who they can trust.


Your professional interview will be made available on the hottest podcasting platforms in the world. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher, available to over 100 million people worldwide. We will make all public links available to you so that you can push your message out on your social media and website. Plus, the first 500 people to reserve a spot will get a free national press release with a link to your website and a picture of you.


Take advantage of surging traffic on social and media platforms. Because people are cooped up indoors, “content is going to be king” during this pandemic.


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Top Professionals Radio



Before joining TOP RADIO PROFESSIONALS, Rick began his radio career overnights at WBAB/Long Island, NY.  But it was clear early on that he wouldn’t be satisfied with that. After snaring his first full-time job at 96 K-Rock Ft. Myers, Fl. he was off and running hosting nights, writing and creating comedy bits including bits featured on “The Howard Stern Show” and “Love Phones”. 


From there it was back to NY, more specifically NYC as Executive Producer for “the Opie & Anthony Show” the newest show at WNEW FM NYC. During this time, he was also tapped as the Host of Comedy Central’s internet radio station and hosted “Stand Up Sitdown”.


After 5 years of incredible growth, syndication and mayhem, it was off to Philadelphia at legendary Y-100 and the Preston & Steve Show. His success there led him back to NYC to the premiere Hip Hop radio station in the world HOT97.

From there he landed at American Comedy Network, writing and voicing comedy for morning radio shows around the country. But Miami would

come calling and he landed a coveted spot on the Paul and Young Ron show. After returning to NY one more time he created the “Ugly American Radio Show”a talk show focusing on politics, pop culture and more. 

In 2019 Rick moved into publishing by putting together the collaboration for the Amazon #1 Best Seller “Permanently Suspended: The Rise and Fall… and Rise Again of Radio’s Most Notorious Shock Jock”. 


The book is the life story of Anthony Cumia written by Brad Trackman and Johnny Russo. Rick got all 3 together for the book, released Nov 20th 2018, and is now available in hard and soft cover versions. There is also an audio book copy, which Rick directed and was the studio producer.